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TLDR: EnerWrap is always free. Our free daily newsletter ‘The Nooner’ is delivered 12pm CST M-F with curated news and data visualizations together with links to our own proprietary work. EnerWrap proprietary work is available to paid subscribers and includes data, data visualization, content, opinions and thought pieces across energy subsectors, from oil & gas to electricity generation, to renewables and electric vehicles. Premium users get access to the full chart library and macro energy modeling.

At EnerWrap, we're dedicated to harnessing energy expertise and vast amounts of energy data, utilizing powerful data visualizations to shed light on evolving energy markets and the ongoing progress in energy transitions. Our mission is crystal clear: distilling complex energy market datasets into comprehensive, data-driven business intelligence.

Our aim is to empower investors, business leaders, policymakers, and energy enthusiasts with a rich spectrum of insights. Delivered through our daily, weekly, and monthly email dispatches and PDF reports – spanning from concise digests to extensive 50-page analyses – we offer nuanced perspectives on Oil, Natural Gas, Solar, Wind, Battery Storage, and more.

We are committed to democratizing energy insights through meticulous data collection, curation, and content creation. Join us on this expedition to become leaders in data-driven energy insights. Let's navigate the evolving energy landscape together, one informed step at a time.

Why Subscribe?

Put simply if you want to be smarter on energy markets, EnerWrap is for you. We strive to collect and curate unique datasets presented visually in unique ways.

Content will be delivered daily. Our process allows us to scale content creation benefitting EnerWrap subscribers. An early and preliminary list of reports delivered to your inbox include:

  1. Oil Weekly

  2. Natural Gas Weekly

  3. Rig Count Weekly

  4. U.S. Power Weekly

  5. EIA Drilling Productivity Report Analysis

  6. Wind Power Monthly

  7. Solar Power Monthly

  8. Coal Power Monthly

  9. Natural Gas Power Monthly

  10. Daily Thermal Stack

  11. Energy Cost Index

  12. Monthly Battery Storage

  13. Monthly EV Sales

  14. Monthly US Oil Production

  15. Monthly US Gas Production

  16. Geothermal Power Monthly

  17. U.S. Planned Generation

  18. Monthly LNG Report

  19. Refining Monthly

  20. EU Gas Storage

As well as many other scheduled reports, together with ad hoc and thought pieces on timely and topical energy items.

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