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EnerWrap Retail Energy Cost Index

Consumer Energy Costs

Enersection Retail Energy Cost Index


The average U.S. home uses 10,632 kilowatt-hours of electricity, 68 million Btu of natural gas and 620 gallons of gasoline annuallyThe Enersection Retail Energy Cost Index uses average energy volumes and monthly U.S. average prices to estimate annual costs of energy for U.S. consumersPlease find a PDF one-pager detailing the calculation attachedThe online, interactive version can be found hereThe charts and the text in the report are 100% automated with Wrapify, a Google Slides & Sheets add-on we created to solve our own pain points with data ingestion, visualization and content creationChart, map and table creation and management has never been easier. Data-driven slide deck creation is intuitive and fastReporting can be easily-automated. Think of a mash-up between think-cell and Crystal Reports in a no/low-code form factor with cloud native Google and Datawrapper layers

Energy Cost Index

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