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European Natural Gas Storage

Natural Gas Storage Viz

European Natural Gas Storage


Data provided by Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE) suggests EU natural gas supplies are ample currentlyStrong injections during 2022, reduced demand and one of the warmest winter beginnings on record has storage at 877 TWhr, 78% fullMother Nature may have further tricks up her sleeve, but the time for winter heating demand is rapidly dwindling awayA world awash in natural gas has considerable implications - on inflation, on geopolitics, on the pace of the renewable transitionWe provide gas storage data visualizations to edify and elucidate on this topic

EU Natural Gas Stocks

This chart will be interesting to track over the next several weeks

Europe has recently turned cold, but storage remains near all-time highs for this time of year.

2022 injections were substantial, giving Europeans and the world a buffer in 2023 after a warm winter


Consumption relative to storage varies significantly across EU countries