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Monthly Geothermal Power Generation

Challenges Remain

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  • Geothermal holds great promise as a clean base load power source with the Fervo project with Google powering data centers as an example

  • Data center growth in the U.S. will require considerable amounts of new power capacity and geothermal has a role, but it remains a small percentage of the total U.S. power stack at around 2.5%

  • Last 12-month U.S. geothermal generation was 86.1 GWHrs

  • U.S. monthly geothermal generation was down -9.6%

  • Through March LTM geothermal generation was down -1.9%

  • Total geothermal capacity stands at 4,078 megawatts

  • Highlighting some of the challenges, the largest geothermal facility in the U.S., the Geyser Unit 5-20 in Sonoma County, California operated at 39% capacity factor in March

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