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February 05, 2024

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Top-10 Midday News Items to Make You Smarter about Energy 👀

 1️⃣  Tesla Sales In California Down 10 Percent In Fourth Quarter

 2️⃣  Tesla Skids As Analysts Throw In The Towel On Earnings Growth For Another Year

 3️⃣  Global ESG Bond Sales Reach $150 Billion in Busiest January Ever

 4️⃣  EVs At 93.9% Share In Norway – Record High

 5️⃣  The world is moving toward an energy transition — but Big Oil is reluctant to give up fossil fuels

 6️⃣  Summer Has Long Stressed Electric Grids. Now Winter Does, Too.

 7️⃣  U.S. Car Dealers Vow To 'Take On' EPA Rules Leading To More EVs

 8️⃣  China installed more solar panels in 2023 than any country in its entire history -

 9️⃣  China's wind and solar electricity to exceed coal power in 2024 - IOM3

 🔟  Catastrophic' flooding to hit California as bad weather continues -

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