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U.S. Oil Production Monthly

Monthly EIA & DOI Data


U.S. oil production as of August was a record 13.05 million barrels per day, up 8.9% versus last year. The current streak of monthly year-over year growth stands at 23 months, the third longest stretch behind 56 months from 2011-2015 and 38 months from 2016 to 2020.

At 5.63 million barrels per day, Texas represents 43.1% of total U.S. oil production. It is worth noting that there is no significant Federal acreage in the Lone Star state, it is virtually all privately-owned lands.

The Federal Gulf of Mexico offshore region was 14.5% of U.S. production in August while New Mexico (largely Federal leases) registered at 13.8%.

These three areas combined totaled 71.4% of U.S. oil production.

Enersection uses Department of Interior monthly data combined with EIA monthly data to show U.S. oil production by land type on the next two pages. The DOI data is as of June.

During June private lands represented 73.9%, Federal offshore 14.4%, Federal onshore 10.2% and Native lands were 1.5%.

Private lands produced 9.53 million barrels per day while Fed Offshore & Onshore produced 1.86 million barrels per day and 1.32 million barrels per day, respectively.

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U.S. Oil Production Monthly
U.S. Oil Production Monthly