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U.S. Planned Power Generation

EIA 860-M Breakdown


The Energy Information Administration put out its Preliminary Monthly Electric Generator Inventory report Wednesday from EIA-860M

The monthly survey Form EIA-860M, 'Monthly Update to Annual Electric Generator Report' supplements the annual survey form EIA-860 data with monthly information that monitors the current status of existing and proposed generating units at electric power plants with 1 megawatt or greater of combined nameplate capacity.

Total planned U.S. generation as of the latest EIA-860M report is 173,412 MW.

87.4% of planned U.S. capacity is Solar, Wind or Battery. There is a remaining 20,731 MW of planned capacity additions this year and 63,036 MW scheduled for next year. Texas and California comprise 73.2% of the U.S. planned power capacity pipeline. Solar additions are 56.3% and 58.7% of capacity additions for the rest of the year and next year, respectively.

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U.S. Planned Power Generation