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United States of Export-erica

A second look

United States of Export-erica


Following up on prior work on the topic, EnerWrap highlights U.S. energy exports in 2022While is is true that the U.S. stepped up to help its European allies, U.S. natural gas exports increased the least in 2022 compared with oil and petroleum products, despite being needed the most - rising just 3% due to Freeport's downtimeNGL exports rose 7% and crude 21%, for a total energy export increase of 9%We expect growth in U.S. energy exports over the decade to look significantly different than the last one

Freedom Molecules for the World

Can you guess when the U.S. shale era began?

Oil and natural gas exports have increased significantly more than products.

U.S. energy exports to the world have increased by 100% since 2016.

Meanwhile, imports are down approximately 1 million barrels per day.

As we come out the backside of the worst inflationary squeeze in a generation, take a moment to appreciate the disinflation that was exported from American shores.

EnerWrap has medium to long-term concerns about tying U.S. energy prices to energy policy around the world, but in the near-term we expected continued re-jiggering of global energy relationships and increased investments to attempt to re-shape global energy markets.