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U.S. Battery Storage Monthly

Gross Generation Charging Higher

We want to highlight this dataset is not readily available elsewhere. Battery generation in the EIA API dataset is reported on a net basis (charging/discharging), which typically nets to close to zero. In order to provide insights into gross battery discharge, manual work is done to create our own proprietary dataset. That is the value of EnerWrap.


  • U.S. gross battery storage generation in February was 703,067 MWHrs, up 13.1% versus last month and up a whopping 118.8% versus last year

  • Last 12-month U.S. gross battery generation was 6.29 GWHrs

  • U.S. LTM gross battery generation was up 53.9% vs last year

  • U.S. operating battery storage capacity is currently 20,853 MW

  • U.S. operating and planned battery storage capacity is 48,491 MW

  • California and Texas continue to dominate U.S. battery storage markets

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