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U.S. Battery Storage Monthly

Gross Discharge Continues to Charge Ahead


  • The not so hidden secret is that the move toward renewable power face a powerful challenge. Intermittency. The sun doesn’t always shine and the wind doesn’t always blow.

  • Enter battery storage which can charge while wind & solar are producing power and discharge when they aren’t or act as peaking resources.

  • The U.S. battery storage build-out is at its infancy, but showing remarkable progress.

  • EnerWrap analyzes hard-to-find monthly EIA data on gross battery discharge to provides insights into this market.

  • U.S. gross battery storage generation in March was 818,460 MWHrs, up 16.4% versus last month and up 102.1% versus last year.

  • Last 12-month U.S. gross battery generation was 6.70 GWHrs

  • U.S. LTM gross battery generation was up 57.1% vs last year

  • U.S. operating battery storage capacity is currently 22,932 MW, with California representing nearly half of that capacity.

  • Operating and planned capacity totals 50,427 MW. Texas will surpass California in 2025.

  • The top-20 battery storage projects in US operated at 13.3% capacity factor YTD through March 2024 on a gross discharge basis. For context simple cycle gas plants operated at 14.1% capacity factor in 2023.

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