U.S. Green Energy Jobs

We explore the location of green energy jobs

U.S. Green Energy Jobs


With the recent passage of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), significant investments will be made in U.S. climate goals and retooling power infrastructure across the countryWhile the past is no prelude to the future, we take a look at where Green jobs in the U.S. have beenThe Department of Energy (DOE) United States Energy & Employment Report 2022 (USEER) provides the best look into where green jobs are likely to go and where opportunity for catch-up existsWe estimate 2.7 million green energy jobs existed in 2021, 35% of all U.S. energy jobsWe expect green energy job categories to grow faster than the energy sector and broader economy in the coming years

Green Energy.  Green Jobs.

Green energy jobs range from 6,300 in Alaska to 350,000 in California utilizing our estimates from the USEER

The top-10 and bottom-10 U.S. states for green energy jobs as a percent of total energy jobs are shown below

Likewise, states with the least and most green energy jobs as a percent of total jobs in their state are contrasted

We'll have additional analysis on green energy jobs and expectations for the future in upcoming work...