U.S. Monthly Solar Review

Utility-Scale & Behind-the-Meter


  • Solar generation in the U.S. continues to shine as capacity additions ramp in 2024

  • 38,000 MW of utility-scale solar capacity is expected to be added to the grid in 2024, up 94% from 2023 and 234% from 2022

  • U.S. L-48 solar generation in May was 20,880 MWHrs, up 16.3% versus last month and up 39.7% versus last year

  • Last 12-month U.S. utility-scale solar generation was 172.8 GWHrs versus 76.6 GWHrs of small-scale

  • Through March LTM utility-scale solar generation was up 19.5% versus BTM up 20.6%

  • Total utility-scale and BTM solar capacity in the U.S. stands at 147,700 megawatts

  • Texas overtook Arizona as the second largest behind-the-meter market on a trailing 12-month generation basis in February

  • Looking at U.S. RTOs, ERCOT utility-scale solar generation is up 44.7% year-to-date, CISO 23.5% and on smaller bases MISO is up 100.7%, SWPP 88.6% and PJM 61.5%

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