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U.S. Natural Gas Power Generation Monthly

Growth Continues


  • Despite the clear growth in clean energy sources, natural gas power continues to be the dominant source of power generation in the United States with continued growth in 2024

  • Through this past weekend natural gas power generation is up a fairly remarkable 6.6% year-to-date

  • U.S. L-48 natural gas generation in May was 134,428 MWHrs, up 19.5% versus last month and up 5.9% versus last year

  • Last 12-month U.S. natural gas generation was 1,962 GWHrs, higher by 7.2% versus 12 months ago

  • Texas, the largest gas power market, is outpacing the U.S. overall at with an 8.2% increase

  • Total natural gas capacity currently stands at 573,259 megawatts

  • Planned capacity is 17,106 MW

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