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Midday Energy Wrap

December 11, 2023

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Top-10 Midday News Items to Make You Smarter about Energy 👀

 1️⃣  Occidental Petroleum agrees $12bn deal to acquire CrownRock

 2️⃣  Occidental’s CEO Is Rolling the Dice With CrownRock Deal

 3️⃣  At COP28, Hopes Dim for Fossil Fuel Phaseout

 4️⃣  Why climate efforts fail to cut emissions - Business Standard

 5️⃣  North America Adds Rigs

 6️⃣  Dominion Energy’s 20-MW storage site goes live in Virginia

 7️⃣  SLB Collaborates with Northern Lights JV and Microsoft to Digitalize Carbon Capture and Storage Value Chain

 8️⃣  New Renewable Fuel Standard volume targets facilitate renewable natural gas production

 9️⃣  The US Could Remove 1 Billion Tons of Carbon From the Air — for $130 Billion

 🔟  US DoI proposes offshore lease sale in Central Atlantic

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