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February 22, 2024

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TLDR: More bad news for EV makers, more bad news for the solar industry. Continued pain in natural gas. EnerWrap released a Special Report today - Texas Solar Power Generation Overtakes California - Or Does It?

Top-10 Midday News Items to Make You Smarter about Energy 👀

 1️⃣  Natural Gas fails miserably at first test on vital support despite heightened tensions between Israel and Iran on gas pipeline blowup - FXStreet

 2️⃣  California Rises to 21.4% BEV Market Share, 33.8% of US BEV Market

 3️⃣  EV sector grapples with layoffs, production cuts and altered plans

 4️⃣  Sunrun Drops After Earnings. Storm Clouds Are Gathering Over Solar Stocks.

 5️⃣  USA Diesel Price Down Year on Year

 6️⃣  US Offshore Wind Industry Comes Roaring Back, Part Infinity

 7️⃣  Sandbrook Capital to invest USD 460m in rPlus platform

 8️⃣  Dominion to sell half of US’s largest offshore wind project in $3 billion deal

 9️⃣  Arevon lands US$1.1 billion package for California solar PV and 600MWh BESS project

 🔟  AI solves nuclear fusion puzzle for near-limitless clean energy - The Independent

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