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December 22, 2023

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Top-10 Midday News Items to Make You Smarter about Energy 👀

 1️⃣  Are EVs booming or flopping? Both are true.

 2️⃣  America's Car Dealers Are Split On EVs

 3️⃣  The Year in Climate Culture

 4️⃣  Tesla Reportedly Has The Highest Accident Rate Of Any Marque. Except It Probably Doesn’t

 5️⃣  Biden’s Hydrogen Tax Credit Rules Deal Nuclear Industry a Blow

 6️⃣  California Solar Duck Curve Gets Bigger

 7️⃣  Coal Use May Have Peaked in 2023

 8️⃣  1-million-kilowatt-level wind, solar demonstration project connected to grid in NW China - CGTN

 9️⃣  Vestas lands 450MW US turbine deal - reNEWS

 🔟  German Decommissioned Nuclear Plant To Become 800 MW Battery

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